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For some decades, steel fibers were the default reinforcement for shotcrete, but are losing ground due to their many shortcomings. Main drawbacks of steel fibers:

  1. They cause equipment damage
  2. High rebound rate
  3. Can cause injury to workers
  4. Corrode in higher moisture area, leading to structural danger
  5. Higher weight making it difficult to carry in certain tunnel areas.
  6. Danger of steel fibers on the surface. Steel fibers are even banned in some countries for high water areas.


Concrix and Fibrofor High Grade are excellent for shotcrete. While Fibrofor is good for applications such as lower loads and restraining walls.




Concrix is a great solution fiber for almost all shotcrete reinforcements – this is a fiber designed to overcome the shortcomings of steel fibers and other synthetic fibers and offers a perfect option to shotcrete. Not only does it offer the same creep behavior as steel fibers, Concrix suffers none of the disadvantages. In fact, Concrix Offers 4000 Joules of energy for just 3.5 kg per m3.

The use of Concrix is possible in shotcrete as first reinforcement of the job side and for the tunnel segments to substitute at least a part of the steel reinforcements and to increase the durability of concrete.

Notable Shotrcrete projects are:

  • Several Tunnel Projects in Austria
  • Santa Margherita-Camogli Tunnel, Italy
  • Hydro Power Tunnel, Costa Rica

Support Services: Optimization of measurements of the concrete-elements based on static calculations according to the latest european standards (reduction of concrete