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Synthetic fibers are possibly the best reinforcement option for industrial floors. More and more technically savvy end-users are moving to synthetic fibers because of many of the advantages offered by specially engineered concrete fibers such as Fibrofor High Grade & Concrix.

Fibroid High Grade is possibly one of the finest solutions for all purposes from low to medium loads and Concrix for high loads of up to 25 tons of point loads. These two fibers increase the quality of concrete by increasing:

Increase: Of flexural strength, abrasion resistance, fracture energy and fracture strength, abrasion resistance, sulfate resistance
Decrease: Of plastic shrinkage cracks & characteristics, water penetration/permeability, shrinkage



Apart from the technical improvements of concrete, there are several cost and operational benefits:

  • Cost-saving due to elimination or reduction of steel-reinforcement
  • Reduction of installation time due to elimination of reinforcement works (cutting and installation of steel mesh)
  • Minimal cost for adding fibers because of low weight and easy handling
  • Reduced logistic-cost because of the low weight of the fibers
  • Increased life due to resistance of against water, alkalis and salts such as sulphates.
  • Concrete mixers, can eliminate pumps without traditional steel mesh and go directly on the floor.

Support Services: Optimization of measurements of the concrete-elements based on static calculations according to the latest European standards (reduction of concrete