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Fiber concrete technology has been our concern for over 30 years; it is our core competence. We continuously implement and embody the very latest findings from research and development in all our fiber products. Fibrofor and Concrix are our strong branded products, backed by us and permanently binding.

Fiber concrete technology

Fiber concrete wherever possible, steel reinforcement where absolutely necessary It’s a known fact that traditional concrete reinforcement methods are associated with high costs for transport to the construction site, for handling and for placing the construction steel. In applications where our fiber products are used for structural reinforcement, construction steel can be largely or even totally eliminated. This results in lower transport costs, reduced risks of injury during placement, and reduced building cost. Additionally, there are ecological benefits (CO2 balance) from using Fibrofor or Concrix fibers. In both concrete and mortar, micro and macro synthetic fibers are used in place of structural steel reinforcements that can render placing difficult and lead to segregation. Choice of the right fiber type and the correct fiber length depends on the application and the dimension of the largest aggregate.


Advantages of Fibrofor High Grade

  • Compressive strength
  • Flexural strength
  • Early shrinkage crack characteristics
  • Shrinkage characteristics
  • Water penetration capacity
  • Extraction characteristics
  • Fracture toughness and fracture energy
  • Sulphate resistance
  • Early strength
  • Fire resistance
  • Structural calculation
  • Application
  • Literature and sources