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Highest bonding and tensile strength tensile strength

Both national and international regulations and requirements for fiber concrete constantly increase. This development also points clearly in the direction of innovative synthetic fibers that show performance characteristics identical or better than those of steel fibers and additionally include the known benefits of synthetic fiber concrete. Added to this are the properties of high flexural tensile strength, ensured improved post-crack behavior, and outstanding working properties. To satisfy the quality and economic demands to the fullest degree these features can be achieved through optimal fiber addition. All these demanding requirements have been taken into account in the development of Concrix. The result is a polyolefin based, internationally patented, bi-component macrofiber consisting of a core and a shell. Concrix has high tensile strength and simultaneously displays high bonding strength with the concrete matrix.



Structural calculations for optimal dimensioning

Benefits commence at the planning phase, with structural calculations being a basic condition. Concrix and Fibrofor High Grade, added to the concrete matrix, replace the traditional structural reinforcement in concrete structures. Should construction steel also be necessary, costs are significantly lowered by a combination with Concrix or Fibrofor High Grade. Structural calculation methods based on the Eurocode standard form the basis. Proven savings in construction steel provide extremely interesting value options for our customers.