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The following Applications and Types of Fibers for use in FRC are consistent with the searchable database found in this web-site. When using the database, it may be necessary to use ‘keywords’, as shown below, to narrow a search for a particular application. As an example, you may find stamped, colored concrete on a highway application. All of the Application types below may be constructed with the use of fiber reinforced concrete.


Potential projects suited to the use of fiber reinforced concrete are listed below. Where possible, the members of the FRCA have submitted project profiles with the use of fibers in the following applications in the “PROJECTS” section of this web-site.

Residential: including driveways, sidewalks, pool construction with shotcrete, basements, colored concrete, foundations, drainage, etc.

Commercial: exterior and interior floors, slabs and parking areas, roadways and






Warehouse / Industrial: light to heavy duty loaded floors and roadways
Highways / Roadways / Bridges: conventional concrete paving, SCC, white-toppings, barrier rails, curb and gutter work, pervious concrete, sound attenuation barriers, etc.
Ports and Airports: runways, taxiways, aprons, seawalls, dock areas, parking and loading ramps.
Waterways: dams, lock structures, channel linings, ditches, storm-water structures, etc.
Mining and Tunneling: Precast segments and shotcrete, which may include tunnel lining, shafts, slope stabilization, sewer work, etc.
Elevated Decks: including commercial and industrial composite metal deck construction and elevated formwork at airports, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc.
Agriculture: farm and animal storage structures, walls, silos, paving, etc.
Precast Concrete & Products: architectural panels, tilt-up construction, walls, fencing, septic tanks, burial vaults, grease trap structures, bank vaults and sculptures Other Applications: includes any other FRC related applications not specifically described above.