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India has a very huge and continually growing Construction Industry. The organized and unorganized sector together constitute the second largest industry in the country, next only to agriculture. In this very large construction industry, several large infrastructure projects adapt the latest technologies from the west, the overwhelming majority of practitioners in the country practice the same methodologies that they did 30-40 years back.

Many newer technologies provide better construction quality and cost savings but are not adopted quickly enough as traditional methods are more popular than change. This is where Grenix comes in - providing innovative, cost saving and easy to use technologies, that have been fully established technically and in practice.
Synthetic Fibers for concrete from Brugg Contec AG, Switzerland (www.bruggcontec.com) is a product that fits our technical and business objectives.


Grenix Agencies is the all India and South Asian exclusive distributor of Brugg Contec AG's synthetic fiber reinforcement fibers for concrete. Grenix also provides design services for different of fiber concrete applications such as Industrial Floors, Precast Concrete, Sea and other water concrete Embankments, shotcreting and other concrete applications. All design services are free, adhere to European Eurocode 2 norms and are signed off by a Switzerland structural engineer. Contact us for more information

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